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Official Statement

Lots of people are asking when the YMCA will re-open. Many organisations are now doing so, but to ensure that the YMCA makes best use of our resources and is able to return safely, Trustees have decided that we will not re-open before the end of August. This date will be kept under review in light of continued official guidance.

Please bear with us – we want to be back up and running just as much as you want us to be.


If you have bought tickets to a show that has been cancelled, then you are entitled to a refund. Many theatres are charitable enterprises like the YMCA Theatre, and have reached out to their audiences and asked for their support by donating their tickets. While ticketholders are all entitled to a refund for cancelled performances, the financial impact that refunding these tickets will have on us is vast. We urge anyone who can afford to donate the cost of their ticket, to show their support by doing so.

Our reception desk is now closed to the public. You can leave a message on our answer phone by calling 01723 374227.

If you need to contact us for a refunds or enquiries, we will be reachable via email or through our social media channels.

Please follow this link in order to request a refund for your tickets Theatre Refund

For activity refunds please contact us via email or social media.

We will continue to update our audiences and members as to when the building will reopen.


Please find below FAQ for both our Activities and the YMCA Theatre

Theatre FAQ

A. We hope to re-open the YMCA in September/October, but at the moment this cannot be confirmed.  To safeguard our resources, we will not re-open before the end of August, however, we continue to monitor the situation and will update our audiences with new information as and when we have it.

A. If the show has not been cancelled we are currently expecting it to go ahead.  We will contact you if, for any reason this changes and we must cancel further shows.


If you paid online using Ticketsource they will automatically process your refund. Please visit their website for time scales.

If you have paid by card or cash, please follow this link

A. If you have paid by cash or card, by not requesting a refund, you have already donated the price of your tickets and we thank you for continuing to support us.

If you have paid via Ticket Source, your refund will have already been processed. In this case, please contact us via phone to donate, or click here to do it online.

A. At the moment we are unable to reschedule any shows as our programme has already been confirmed for the year. However, if the show you have booked for is rescheduled we will contact you to let you know.

A. As there is no confirmed plan to reschedule the shows at current, we cannot exchange or transfer your tickets. You are entitled to a refund, or you can support us by donating the price of your ticket to the Theatre.

A. Your half price ticket will be extended to be valid for our YMCA Productions shows in 2021.

Activities FAQ

A. At the moment all activities are suspended until further notice.  Please keep up-to-date with our social media channels where any changes will be posted.

A. Yes, this suspension applies to all activities that take place at YMCA Scarborough regardless of who they are run by.

Unfortunately, we are not able to advise on the arrangements being made by the groups who use the YMCA to host their activities. Please contact your activity leader to discuss this with them.

You are of course entitled to a refund if you have paid for a YMCA activity which has now been cancelled. However, as you may know, YMCA Scarborough is a charitable enterprise and as such we are asking if our customers would be willing to donate fees they’ve already paid in order to support us through this time to ensure we are able to re-open at the end of this period.

Please contact us via email or social media. Alternatively please leave a message on our answer phone.

A. By not requesting a refund, you have already donated theses fees and we thank you for continuing to support us.

A. If you have a payment coming up, you can cancel your direct debit with your bank.
If it is too late to cancel or a payment has already been taken, please contact us for a refund.

Alternatively, if you are able to, you can donate the fees to YMCA Scarborough, for which we would be extremely grateful

This page has all of our live information. You can also follow us on social media for more information.