About The Project

YMCA Scarborough’s Ignite project is a new social action group that aims to engage with young people aged 12-18.

We empower young people and give them a voice on the issues which impact their lives.

We will explore issues affecting the Scarborough area, such as mental health, social isolation and loneliness, coastal deprivation, low social mobility, child and food poverty.

We will look at how to engage with these issues through research, social action, working with the media, campaigning, advocacy and liaising with other groups and individuals.

Throughout the project participants will lead on the direction of discussions and give input on the activities they would like to take part in that can make a difference to their lives and the lives of the community around them.

Alongside this, to build confidence and partnership working, the group will take part in team building activities including Go Ape in Dalby Forest, a visit to Wykeham Lakes and a trip to London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it?

Tuesday 6-8 PM

Where is it?

YMCA Scarborough, St Thomas Street, Scarborough

Is there a cost?

Nope, all costs are covered.

Who’s it for?

People of any colour, race or gender between the ages of 12 and 18.

What will we do on a typical week?

The group sets the agenda and decides upon what action to take. For example, at the moment the group are concerned about the state of young people’s mental health and are developing tools to better understand the situation and will then use this understanding to influence the people who could do more to support. This will include campaigning, social action to raise awareness, championing the needs of local young people and trying to develop new services with local organisations. As well as this the group are also planning what they want to do for their next team building activity.

Is there anything apart from the weekly activity?

We will be going on trips locally and nationally including a trip to the Houses of Parliament in London. These trips may be on other days of the week to the regular Tuesday meet. We also plan to hold a youth voices conference at the end of the project to engage with local, regional and national audiences.