Social Skate
Join the Scarborough Quad Skaters every Friday 8-pm – 9.30pm at the YMCA for ‘Social Skate
Just £5. Bring your own skates!
Established in 2015 our ‘Social Skate’ now caters for every roller skating taste. As a group we cover, skate lessons, roller hockey, derby drills, fun games, roller dance and roller discos.
There are no lessons as such, we are just around to offer help if you need it to get you going or to try new skills. It’s a great way to socialise, have fun, learn new skills and get fit…..around 500 calories burned an hour!
Generally you need your own boots, but if you haven’t, we have the odd pair available to borrow so please get in touch with your shoe size.
So, if you’re looking for roller skating or roller dance in Scarborough come along or drop us a message via email or through Facebook so you can be rolling in no time!

Connect with Scarborough Quad Skaters on facebook at

or email for more information.

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