We play host to a large array of activities for all ages, some activities are attended every week and others drop in and out.

We also play host to some fantastic organizations that provide tuition and activities for young people.

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For the Creative you

YMCA Productions

Be part of our amazing YMCA Productions cast! Find your creativity and confidence that you thought was hidden away. YMCA Productions perform around 4 shows a year.

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Y-Musical Theatre

Y-Musical Theatre is getting a brand new look! Stay tuned for details

Returning November 2020


Join our musical master Mark Gordon to play together with other young musicians in our unique band.

This activity is for 11-25 year olds

More information soon


Make a difference to your world

This activity is for 12-18 year olds

For the Sporty You


Fencing is a varied and exciting combat sport, join the Bridlington Blades as they teach you this exciting sport

Will be closed until the new year


Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that is an exercise for both the mind and the body. Come and learn with masters of the sport.

We have a junior class for young people and a senior class for adults

Will be closed until the new year